Terms and Conditions: 

These are requirements for doing business with A-Affordable Home Cleaning.  We cannot safely and effectively run our business without these terms and conditions in place.  You must agree to these on our website in order to place an order and conduct business with us.

Home Cleaning:

  • Running water and electricity must be available else, we cannot complete the work.
  • A $75 non-refundable time and travel fee will be incurred if we cannot access the property or, are unable to clean.
  • You may re-schedule at no cost when you give us a 72-hours’ notice.  Else your monies will be refunded less $75 and you will have to re-book your appointment.
  • We cannot perform add-ons services without having an accompanying order for “Move-Out” or, “One-Time | First Cleaning”.  You are required to make a purchase of one of these services before any add-on (“additional”) Residential Home Cleaning work can be completed.
  • Paint over-spray or other similar residues left by messy contractors, tenants or owners require additional tools and cleaning solutions. This type of clean up is not included in our base pricing and must be addressed as a separate custom item and additional pricing.

Recurring Cleaning Contracts:

  • Terms are outlined in our “Residential Home Cleaning Agreement”.  These are negotiated based on each individual property.  The spirit of this agreements is to give you the services based on your home and need.  See items listed below:
  • We offer a heavily discounted rates based on:
    • Having completed an initial cleaning which brings your house to a baseline clean
    • Agreeing to our terms of safety of our employees
    • Access to the property on agreed dates with penalties if, we are unable to clean
    • Quarterly contracts which auto-renews unless canceled.  Notification must be given and you must complete the quarter of scheduled cleaning (3-month period from which you signed) else, we reserve the right to call the contract payment in full.
      • If, you are moving out of the city, state etc.  Just give us a heads up and we will work with you and the above will not apply
      • If you are having a financial hardship or, some extenuating circumstance that, you must vacate the property we will work with you and the above will not apply
      • If you, by your choice continue a recurring schedule past the initial cancellation request end date.  The contract is re-started at the agreed upon rate and schedule.

General Terms & Conditions across All Lines of Business:

  • Any pets that may potentially pose any kind of threat to our cleaners need to be kenneled, or, secured in some way.  For their/your safety and the safety of our cleaners.  Please take the necessary precautions that, accidents involving pets do not occur.
  • If for any reason, our cleaners feel their personal safety is in danger (enough to leave the job site), due to actions of the client, clients guests, other relations or animals. The client will be liable for the full cost of the service.
  • We do not assume liability for the safety of others while cleaning your home. This includes children, pets, relatives, guests, neighbors etc…
  • In the event the cleaners are not able to work without distractions that, affect their ability to work in their normal speed. We reserves the right to charge for extra time spent in the clients home.
  • In the event that the client chooses to leave a door unlocked or, leave a key in an unsecured place for the cleaners to gain entry to the home.  The client agrees and releases our company, its employees or contractors working on its behalf from any liability, damages or theft to the client’s home.