One-Time | First Time Cleaning

"Gold Standard Services"

This is the industry standard for recurring cleaning services that we clean EVERY TIME.

The first cleaning takes more time, effort and is needed to get a baseline cleaning point.  Once completed recurring cleaning is just routine maintenance that can be done weekly or bi-weekly.

Move in | Move Out Cleaning

Includes "Gold Standard Services" + Additional Services

$<Included> Interior Fridge
$<included> Baseboard detail $35 per 1,000 sq ft (bleach treat bathrooms)
$<included> Kitchen and bathroom cabinet drawers wipe-out

$<included> Ceiling fans + intake vents
$<included> Oven detail wipe-out     $<included> Bathtub detail

In Home | Deep Cleaning

Includes "Gold Standard Services" + Additional Services

These services are almost identical to a Move Out cleaning.  However, you can mix and match services to get the ideal cleaning for your home.

This does not include cabinet and drawer wipe out unless all items have been removed but, you can swap for other services.

Gold Standard Services

"This is the industry standard for recurring cleaning services that we clean EVERY TIME"


Clean counter tops
Clean back splash
Clean stove top / oven exterior
Clean top and front of range
Clean exterior kitchen appliances
Clean sink, faucet
Wipe door handles & switch plates
Dust window sills
Dust baseboards
Vacuum floors & carpets
Wash floors/hardwood/tile/linoleum/stone

Clean & sanitize Tile walls, tub, shower, sink & faucets
Clean & sanitize commode inside & out
Clean lights, mirrors, counters & shower doors
Doors and frames spot cleaned
Vacuum floors, carpets
Wash floors/hardwood/tile/linoleum/stone
Dust baseboards
Collect trash bins

All Rooms, Bedrooms, Hallways & Offices: 
Stairs vacuumed
Accessible floors/carpets vacuumed
Wash floors/hardwood/tile/linoleum/stone
Straighten beds
Dust furniture/lamp shades/ceiling fans
Dust ceiling baseboards
Knickknacks dusted
Dust window sills, ledges and blinds
Cobweb removal



Additional services add-on:

$15 De-Scale Shower doors(Acid wash)  /per bathroom
$20 Dishwasher descale and deodorize (2 cycles)
$25 Wipe-down/detail Kitchen cabinets exterior
$25 Clean range and hood
$15 Stone Clean Toilets                /per toilet
$20 Bathtub wall detail               /per bathroom                                 (Detail walls tile-by-tile and/or  grout bath/shower),
$25 Interior windows cleaned   /per floor up to 8 ft      (small/medium homes)

$35 Interior windows cleaned   /per floor up to 8 ft       (medium/large home)

$25 Detail interior doors           /per floor                           (small/med homes)

$35 Detail interior doors           /per floor                   (medium/large homes)

$15 Individual Blind detail      /per blind                                        (dusting blinds are included but, this is more for heavily soiled blinds that require De-greasing and hand wiping)

Exterior Window Cleaning:

We can do this upon request, prices are custom.  Just ask when you book the appointment or, call/email.

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