Our Approach to Roof Cleaning
  • We guarantee the work
  • We do not walk on your roof
  • We do not use high pressure which can damage your roof
  • We safely remove organic matter from your roof
    • Dirt, Grime, Algae, Mold, Moss, Lichen
    • Other organic growth occurring on your roof

We "Soft Wash" (no high pressure) which is a gentle, effective and noninvasive approach that is safe for virtually every exterior housing material.

We also, take precautions to secures the well being your landscaping throughout the process.


Roof Algae

The stains, commonly called "roof algae" are actually alive.  Once settled, they grow quickly and spreads spores through the air, possibly onto your neighbor’s roofs.  The type of algae that grows on roofs is a colony and forms a protective covering which keeps it safe and allows it to spread.


Algae can look like black or green streaks or, a solid blanket over the entire roof slope. They are actually a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma but, commonly referred to as "roof algae".


2-Year Roof Cleaning Warranty

If within one (1) year the mold/algae comes back someone will return and clean it free of charge.  We are dedicated to giving you the highest standard in roof cleaning.  If, for whatever reason the mold/algae should return after year one (1) and before year two (2) someone will return to clean it at a 50% reduced cost.

We cannot guarantee your roof will stay clean forever but, guarantee it to be cleaned at or above industry expectations.

This offer is transferable to new home owner(s) if you should sell.  Please make them aware.